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How to jump better


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Small changes can make game easier or harder, movement is vital element of rust below commands allow greater skill when jumping 


You can use ledge of objects like vending machines or some parts of buildings edge, or even terrain to artificially increase highest jumping point though this can take some practice - see trausi jump for launch site. 


The below command will allow jumping at step 60 but not cause reported issue of it effecting hit-invalids as when not jumping it restores jump to default and is only activated when jumping.

bind space "steps 60;+jump;steps 30;+jump;"


The below command will allow your mini step to be shorter, this is useful for jumping through small spaces or glitching while in tunnels seeing through roof ( eg launch site vents)

physics.minsteps 60


The below command will allow you to jump higher

physics.steps 60


The below command will allow slow effect of time down to control your landings + ledge boost.

bind mousewheeldown fps.limit 0


The below command will allow quickly return to more normal timing after decreasing fps.

bind mousewheelup fps.limit 20




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