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    1. Small changes can make game easier or harder, movement is vital element of rust below commands allow greater skill when jumping You can use ledge of objects like vending machines or some parts of buildings edge, or even terrain to artificially increase highest jumping point though this can take some practice - see trausi jump for launch site. The below command will allow jumping at step 60 but not cause reported issue of it effecting hit-invalids as when not jumping it restores jump to default and is only activated when jumping. bind space "steps 60;+jump;steps 30;+jump;" The below command will allow your mini step to be shorter, this is useful for jumping through small spaces or glitching while in tunnels seeing through roof ( eg launch site vents) physics.minsteps 60 The below command will allow you to jump higher physics.steps 60 The below command will allow slow effect of time down to control your landings + ledge boost. bind mousewheeldown fps.limit 0 The below command will allow quickly return to more normal timing after decreasing fps. bind mousewheelup fps.limit 20
    2. Controlling recoil can be difficult. If you are playing with a high DPI, edit your in game settings via menu or using console. Press f1 to bring up console, commands like below can be used to make controlling spray easier, the below allows laser to automatically turn on. alters field of view ( fov ) and uses two different senses for movement and while aiming down sights. The lower your sensitivity while aiming down sight easier and more forgiving mistakes are. For example Bchillz! Dpi 800: In Game sens .46 Trausi Dpi 400: In game sens 0.5 press f1 to bring up in game console and enter bind mouse1 +attack2;+meta.if_true "fov 75";+lighttoggle;+attack2;+input.sensitivity 1.0;input.sensitivity 0.3;+meta.if_false "fov 90" The numbers in red are example only and are dependent on your DPI, play with these until you are comfortable but lower = easier to control. Your fps can effect this so ensure you have FPS locked in settings menu, as sudden dips or increases will cause issues. If you are having issues with project invalids, use below command in f1 console. projectile_invalid "hitnotify.notification_level 2" At moment rosenkreuz does not have an aim training plugin but there are servers like ukn, perfect aim train that allow you to practice any gun in rust and shows you the recoil pattern with your accuracy percent. Using these will help you. Rosenkreuz does have a crosshair plugin so use /crosshair on attached image is recoil pattern. Many 'try hards' will opt to play with non native resolutions, by using stretched resolution it makes enemies appear stretched giving you a larger target . Increasing your ability to hit em. Common 1920x1080 is common. or lowered to 1440x1080 (stretched 4:3) You can do this at lower settings and then use your GPUs software to increase eg Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR) or AMDs Super Resolution (FSR) But having a steady fixed FPS is more important IMO. If using stretched res use console command below to make your ak appear smaller, allowing you to see more. graphics.vs_fov_scale off As well as stretching you can also alter games color vibrancy, making players appear more striking and easier to see. Do this in your AMD / nividia settings. You can also use same software to tweak vision at night to make it easier to see.
    3. bind x craft.add -2072273936 ;chat.add 76561198073700959 change x to preferred key. when pressed this allows you to craft bandages without entering crafting menu, allowing greater awareness of surroundings.
    4. bind x craft.add -2072273936 ;chat.add 76561198073700959 change x to preferred key. when pressed this allows you to craft bandages without entering crafting menu, allowing greater awareness of surroundings.
    5. bind mouse1 +attack2;+meta.if_true "fov 70";+meta.if_false "fov 90" This allows zooming in when aiming down with gun and greater field of view when not aiming down.
    6. bind mouse1 +attack2;+meta.if_true "fov 70";+meta.if_false "fov 90"
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